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PeaceMaker [40] – Let’s not forget

Sometimes I think our weakest quality as Kenyans is that we forget too quickly. Right now we are forgetting the violence that ripped our country apart by going ahead and doing the same thing. Will we ever learn, will we ever realize that a repeated mistake will generate repeated consequences. Are we ready to bury 1,500 people for nothing, are we ready to have 3,0o0 innocent women raped for nothing. Kenya, my message is simple: LET”S NOT FORGET

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PeaceMaker [41] – My Code is +254

Hello again! Taking our journey of patriotism through another leg. Todays message is as simple as cn be. I have noticed that many a time guys just like simple messages reminding them of who they are, well today I make it simple. My Code is +254. And oh… it comes in two colours, Red or Green! Enjoy

Download: RED version Landscape (Desktop, Android) Portrait (iPhone) | Square (iPad, Tablet) | Twitter background | Facebook Cover

Download: GREEN version Landscape (Desktop, Android) | Portrait (iPhone) | Square (iPad, Tablet) | Twitter background Facebook Cover

The GREEN version


The RED Version

PeaceMaker [42] – 40,000,000 Solutions

Congratulations are in order to Barack Obama on his re-election. Its truly inspiring to see a mixed race boy born to a single white mother in Hawaii become president of one of the greatest nations in the world for two terms. Kudoz.

That said, his victory speech inspired me to think about todays design, he told americans that ‘your job does not end with your vote’. It got me thinking, we have so much power in our hands as citizens but we allow our leaders to take advantage of us. This is why today I believe in this message, that in Kenya, we have 40,000,000 solutions to every one of the problems in our country. Lets get fixing!

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PeaceMaker [43] – STOP

Haven’t we learnt yet… violence gets us nowherre. I condemn the killing of the ODM Parliamentary aspirant for Kisumu Central and may justice prevail. But please kenyans, this violence will not get us anywhere, we are just digging a deeper hole for ourselves. Lets STOP!

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PeaceMaker [45] – You Only Live Once #YOLO

Hey guys, its been a busy week, hence the back to back posts, but its all good. Today I borrow a familiar look and tweak it for home. Boniface Mwangi (@bonifacemwangi) has done a heartwrenching video to remind us of what had happened. I didnt even know that the guy was arrested, the dude is just courageous. Anywhooo, I got so moved with his piece I decided to do a plain 2013 wallpaper reminding us that we only live once and therefore lets vote peacefully.

Download:  Landscape (Desktop, Android) | Portrait (iPhone) | Square (iPad, Tablet) | Twitter background | Facebook Cover

Jesus Christ (Indiana Jones Style)

Hey guys, its been a while… allow me to welcome you back with this old western style design borrowed from the theme of the legendary Indiana Jones. Always remember that Jesus Christ is our saviour. Enjoy!

Feel free to give your thoughts.

Download Jesus Christ Wallpaper for Desktop here


Today allow me to leave you with a verse: Don’t be drunk with wine, because that will ruin your life. Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit’ Ephesians 5:18.

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