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‘In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace’ Ephesians 1:7. Redemption is simply the state of being delivered from sin. This was made real by Christ as he bought our freedom back from sin. Of course you will immediately recognize the matrix style effect, to make it personal I simply used blue instead of the green. Remember Christ paid the price for your redemption.

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Great CoMission

The greatest assignment ever from our Father in heaven, The mission that is very possible, the task that belongs to every chilg of God. To speak to all about him. Sometimes it seems so big a task on an individual, but that is not the way it was meant to work, the Great CoMission was to be done in evryones world, if we all turned our world upside down for Jesus, then the task would be in execution. I believe that WordTrace is part of this Great CoMission, what about you… whats your part? the harder you are thinking about it, the more you are getting it wrong; that which is at the top of your mind, that is most likely it!

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Download ‘Great CoMission’ Wallpaper for Desktop and Mobile

Faith Legacy

At first glance, any movie fan will immediately recognize the inspiration for this design as the TRON movie poster. However, I focus on a different matter altogether, Today I speak of Faith, something that I am currently learning about. Its a season of great expectation from God and this design is to remind me of the same. If you are out there waiting on God, he will come through, Read Hebres 11 and be inspired by the Superstars of Faith

Download ‘Faith Legacy’ Wallpaper for Desktop and Mobile


Sometimes I think that we never remember how much God can forgive us, if only we come before him in repentance. Well remember that forgiveness is one of the greatest qualities in any relationship. It starts with Christ. Enjoy the wallpaper design


One of my friends has been particularly feeling low this weekend, so I thought to give a good cheer by offering a reminder about the source of our strength, are you just as down, hope this wallpaper will encourage you