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Bought at a Price

Well folks, an early morning post this is, its because I am going for a funeral out of town. Pray all goes well. Just a refresher on yesterdays post. The blood that was shed was the price at which you were bought, dont take it for granted. Pricy day to all.

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The following post contains graphic scenes.

The blood of Christ is the symbol of life of a Christian. The life of every creature is in its blood, and hence for Christ to give us life, he had to give blood as well. When we partake of the Holy communion we are reminded of the act of giving that Christ did on the cross and thus we remember taht the Life we have in him is not of our own doing but his giving. Remember the blood people, good day to you all.

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Saved by the Blood

Do you remember the term ‘saved by the bell’? when that boring class session abruptly ended when the welcome sound of the bell rung? well in the same way, we have been saved from death by the blood of Christ, do you agree? Embrace the wallpaper