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By Your Fruit

You must have heard of the phrase, Like Father, Like Son; I’ve always wondered, is it biblical… well today we focus on a similar truth that the bible speaks of. Every tree produces fruit and just as well, every person produces fruit, and it is by thie fruit that every man (and woman) is known. The WordTrace challenge to you today is, By what fruit are you known?

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There was no way I would put a superman wallpaper and forget batman, i loved the bat coz of his ability to be discreet and give you the surprise of a lifetime, well thats how Jesus will come, without warning! Enjoy the wallpaper


We all enjoyed Superman, the man of steel, but do we remember the real superhero, who saved us from all our sins? I hope this wallpaper will remind you of him.

The City Watcher

I used this concept to design a flier a while ago, so i thought it would make a good wallpaper as well. I love line art and black and whites. I hope this will compel you to commit your city to the real Watcher. Be blessed


Again, extreme fun!!! You might not want to put a flee from sexual immorality wallpaper on your desktop but the message is clear. Btw, the image used is th international Biohazard symbol, guys in the chemical industry will recognize it.

Prayer is Power

Doing this was fun. I wanted it to be something strong and powerful, I think I got it, right? Pray people, for there in lies your power source