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Now, if you are like me, you very well know that everything that goes up must come down. However, biblically speaking, the reverse is true… I asked myself, in order to move on up, what must I do? and I came across this verse, that with God, those whom humble themselves, will be lifted, so then, can we conclude by saying that what goes down must come up?? Have a down day, won’t you?

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Have you ever seen something that just inspired you, well that’s me… ever since I saw the album cover for Just a Band’s 82, I got inspired, Its one of those artworks that capture your imagination. So I got WordTrace to do a customized wallpaper design ‘borrowed’ from this concept, well did I get it? I think YES! The verse I chose had to be obvious as I would use numbers only, what better verse than John 3:16.

Download ‘3:16’ Wallpaper here.