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PeaceMaker [46] – A Cheaper Price

Greetings Folks. We continue with our series on PeaceMaker, an initiative to campaign for peace as we move closer toward the general election in Kenya. Today is a simple message to count the cost. We paid for violence with our lives, homes, businesses and so much more. Today, lets be reminded that the cost of a peaceful election will always be cheaper, yes, it will cost us, but we will definitely not be paying with our lives.

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PeaceMaker [47] – If we must Fight…

We continue with our series on Peace as we build up to the general election. Todays message is simple, that if we must fight, lets fight for peace.

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PeaceMaker [48] – I Believe in #KOT

You must admit. Kenyans on Twitter aka #KOT are a special bunch. I was privileged to be part of a trending topic #KOTAgainstMPBonus that championed against Kenyan MPs from adding themselves hefty pay packages. This move was so bold that the President followed suit and declined the bill. Today, I decided it would be in order to dedicate this post to them. In it I say something simple.

#KOT, I believe we can make this country a better place to live in!

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PeaceMaker [49] – Letter to my MP

Kenyans are angry to the bone about what our MPs are doing. Sending themselves home with a hefty 2 billion shillings package is daylight robbery. The wallpaper today is a letter to my MP, boldly saying that they will not take that money home. NEVER! Download the wallpaper and share on your facebook wall. This stops now!

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PeaceMaker [50] – I am a PeaceMaker

And so we begin!

The first (or 50th for that matter) wallpaper in the PeaceMaker series. Since we are counting down, we will be reverse numbering our wallpapers, which is why we are starting with number 50, so do not be confused. We begin the series with the vision of this initiative. We all need to stand up for peace, it wont just happen automatically. Peace is active, not passive. We will not sit around and expect peace to happen. Lets make a choice to be peacemakers.

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The ‘PeaceMaker’ Intiative – 150 Days | 50 Wallpapers

Welcome to PeaceMaker. An initiative to spread the peace as Kenyans gear up for its next general election on March 4 2013. With all sorts of tensions popping up, sitting by will not help in any way. Peacemaker is an avenue to reming us to live in harmony and and not let the tensions between our ‘leaders’ to divide us as a country. With initiatives like the Tuvuke Peace Tour already on ground, this is just another avenue to spread the message of a united country.

I believe that we can show the world that we have matured as a country and can have a tension-free general election as well as a free and fair transition into new leadership. Be ready for a creative and exciting expression of being truly and proudly Kenyan.

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Welcome to PeaceMaker