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PeaceMaker [45] – You Only Live Once #YOLO

Hey guys, its been a busy week, hence the back to back posts, but its all good. Today I borrow a familiar look and tweak it for home. Boniface Mwangi (@bonifacemwangi) has done a heartwrenching video to remind us of what had happened. I didnt even know that the guy was arrested, the dude is just courageous. Anywhooo, I got so moved with his piece I decided to do a plain 2013 wallpaper reminding us that we only live once and therefore lets vote peacefully.

Download:  Landscape (Desktop, Android) | Portrait (iPhone) | Square (iPad, Tablet) | Twitter background | Facebook Cover


For NormalScreen

Another set of wallpapers, but this time for all normal screens. This resolution should be able to fit most of the normal phones around. Enjoy

For Widescreen

For all those with widescreen phones, I have reformatted the wallpapers to fit your screen, pick your favorite and have a go!

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